4 seasons farm shop has the freshest food in town!

About Us

we are a family run business We pride ourselves in the high standards of produce and service that you would expect from a dedicated family run business, where nothing is too much trouble.   
Whole foods are foods that are as close to their natural or original states as possible. This means they have not been processed or refined. It also means they are free of additives, such as colorings and preservatives, and they have not been modified.
we stock organic meat from cuckoo's pit farm in Woodchurch.
a selection of organic cereals and muesli , also jams , chutneys, peanut butter , milk, soya mince and gluten free porridge ,free range eggs
bacon, sausages, sausage rolls
we have a bread delivery every saturday morning from davies family bakery in ashford.
but i must warn you we do like a chat
hope to see you soon.


we started the shop because we was frustrated with the lack of local independent shops in the area, and of course the miles the food has travelled

so we went about calling every small holder we know to buy there produce, it felt rite to buy off the small holders and not the big farms, keeping everything local is what we strive to do

obviously there are products that are not local {oranges, bananas ,satsumas etc )

the more small holders and allotment growers we use the more we can keep it local , fresh and cheaper than the pre packed fruit and veg from elsewhere

we have stared to cater for businesses its refreshing to see that people are passionate about there fresh produce like we are

so if you are interested in this service please give a call and we can have a chat.



unit 1a the ironworks, kingsnorth, ashford, kent | 01233878063

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